Sishwati Marie

Welcome to The House of Sishwati Marie. 

A house built on passion, quality and authenticity.

Sishwati Marie is the name behind my fashion design house.It is a clothing and accessories brand.My products are created for and inspired by women for women. Women who want to feel confident,sexy and beautiful not just on the outside but on the inside based on what they wear.

Why Choose Us?

People often ask me how i come up with my ideas. Well sometimes i go to bed and ideas come to me in my dreams, sometimes a random yet inspirational conversation i have with my siblings or a vision comes to my mind.

There's nothing i believe in more than to be authentic in everything i do.To pay attention to detail and to stay true to what makes me creative.Its very important to leave all my customers happy and satisfied. It makes it more worth it to know I did something for someone.

About Us

Sepo Kawana

store owner

Sishwati Marie is the name behind my fashion design house. Sishwati is my middle name which I inherited from my late grandmother who was a pattern maker and seamstress, she always made me garments. Marie short for Maria a name I inherited from my late mother after she died.She was a journalist and the most stylish & driven woman I ever knew.She is definitely my biggest inspiration.My mother and my grandmother are the kind of woman who inspire me to create; fearless,strong,beautiful,passionate,outspoken and both very funny women . I knew a lot about style cause as a little girl I watched my mother dress up for work almost everyday and she would let me pick out her outfits. 

When I grew up I went to study fashion design at the FEDISA fashion institute in Cape Town. I didn't get to complete my studies for financial reasons, but non the less I took what i learnt and put it to good use. I still plan on getting my degree in Fashion.


Our workshop is located in the CBD. at 51 Constitution Street Cape Town 

51 constitution street

51 constitution street zonnebloem Capetown

store hours

Monday - Friday

8am - 7pm


9am - 2pm